Saji Idicheria

Saji Idicheria is the founder & the managing director of Seekers Management Services LLC. Even as a student, Saji dreamed of becoming a financial advisor and he earned a Master’s Degree in Finance in 1986 in order to fulfill this aim. From 1986 to 1991 he associated with a renowned real estate company in Mumbai and was actively involved in private equity and real estate finance. Thereafter, from 1991 to 1994, he functioned as an Internal Auditor in Saudi Arabia.

With an urge to reach pinnacle of success, he again shifted his base to Mumbai, where he worked as a branch manager for a finance company and dealt with the Indian financial markets and investments in private equity. His in-depth knowledge on the intrinsic features of equity markets made him infamous and a visionary in the finance industry.

Since 1997, he has been based in Dubai and known among his peers here for his zeal in finance. He is a multifaceted personality who excels as a financial consultant, advisor, analyst and facilitator to various entities and banks. What sets him apart is his urge to assist entities and individuals to make informed financial decisions. He not only advises on what is better but also works towards providing the best assessment. His core values and principles make him a professional one would definitely consult before dealing in financing and equity



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